“you can ask the mirror every day to tell you you’re unique but it will not give you comfort for a mirror cannot speak and if its love you’re searching for look deeper than your skin because the road to self acceptance starts its journey deep within.” e.h. Advertisements

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“i’ll plant a row of daisy seeds in the space below each eye so they’ll remind you of your beauty when the bloom each time you cry.” e.h.

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things to remember

❥ eat regularly (and well) ❥ get enough sleep ❥ sometimes being a bitch is necessary  ❥ stop talking and listen ❥ don’t take anyones rudeness ❥ things will get better ❥ if someone can’t make the effort to be in your life they don’t deserve to be there ❥ “it only ends once, everything else […]

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“she was a silent fighter with a demon in her lung that stole her breaths right from her before they’d hardly passed her tongue he was a silent fighter who was always taught to share and held his breath when he was with her just so she could have his air.” e.h.

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cute animal facts

❥ every year hundreds of trees crows bc squirrels forget where they buried their nuts ❥ cows have best friends and they spend most of their time together ❥ otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t float away from each other ❥ otters have special pockets in their skin where they carry their favorite […]

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“she bought things with her heartbeats dealt in the currency of time counted her pulse to track her spendings while she waited in long lines she wasn’t one for banking heartbeats aren’t something you can save you either spend them or you lose them until you’re lying in your grave she’d give heartbeats to strangers […]

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