“she bought things with her heartbeats

dealt in the currency of time

counted her pulse to track her spendings

while she waited in long lines

she wasn’t one for banking

heartbeats aren’t something you can save

you either spend them or you lose them

until you’re lying in your grave

she’d give heartbeats to strangers

while she listened to their woes

because a heart’s worth more than money

as far as money goes

she splurged heartbeats on moments

on afternoons with age-old friends

who asked how she was happy

without a dollar she could spend

but money only buys you things

while heartbeats buy much more

they buy you loud side-crippling laughter

that leaves you rolling on the floor

heartbeats buy you moments

they buy you tears and hugs and smiles

they buy you time to reminisce with friends

you haven’t seen in quite a while

money can’t buy heartbeats

and thats a fact you’ve always known

so make sure each day your happy

with the way you spend your own.”



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