self care ideas

❥ eat fruit or something sweet ❥ take a warm bath with lots of bubbles ❥ brush hair gently ❥ walk outside barefoot, look at nice flowers ❥ listen to soft, nice music ❥ go to the thrift store and buy some nice old clothes ❥ bake something ❥ do laundry and make clothes smell […]

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“she has a bookshelf for a heart and ink runs through her veins she’ll write you into her story with the typewriter in her brain her bookshelf’s getting crowded with all the stories that she’s penned of the people who flicked through her pages but closed the book before the end and there’s one pushed […]

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what i love about fall

❥ hot chocolate ❥ oversized sweaters ❥ cool weather ❥ halloween decorations ❥ how the leaves change colors ❥ foggy mornings ❥ pumpkin everything ❥ rainy days ❥ apple picking ❥ horror movie marathons ❥ breaking out extra blankets ❥ baking pies ❥ scarecrows ❥ ghost hunts ❥ roasting marshmallows ❥ autumn sunsets ❥ leftover […]

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“If i showed you my teardrops would you collect them like rain store them in jars that are labelled with “pain” would you follow their tracks from my eyes down my cheeks as they write all the stories i’m too scared to speak would you stop them with kisses bring their flow to a halt […]

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life’s little instructions

 ❥ sing in the shower  ❥ watch a sunrise at least once a year  ❥ never refuse homemade brownies   ❥ strive for excellence, not perfection  ❥ plant a tree on your birthday  ❥ learn three clean jokes  ❥ return borrowed vehicles with the gas tank full  ❥ never waste an opportunity to tell someone you […]

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“if one of the things you believe in is that this worlds an ugly place you must have never gone outside at night and stared up into space you haven’t felt the way the air changes in the minutes before it rains or watched the world pass by below out the window of a plane […]

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an act of love every day

 ❥ hold the door open for someone  ❥ smile at a stranger  ❥ text someone out of the blue and say you were thinking of them  ❥ help out around the house without being asked  ❥ compliment someone on their appearance (hair, clothes, eyebrows) and personality (heart, mind)  ❥ put a note in your siblings lunchbox […]

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